Here we have a small collection of photos I shot in black in white monochrome of the legendary Luckenbach, Texas made famous by Waylon Jennings song which you can listen to here: Enjoy the music, the photos, and do stop at the general store, or watch a concert in Luckenbach. You will not be disappointed.
















Nestled about 90 miles west of San Antonio is one of Texas’s best state parks. It was once a secret, but no longer as the crowds can get quite large on weekends and holidays. It has many species of wildlife, excellent trails, giant Cypress trees, and the famous crystal clear Frio River for a variety of water activities. Here are a few photos from my recent visit. Enjoy! To learn more about Garner State Park visit:









Recently I went on a trip to Aquatica in San Antonio. I had the opportunity to visit Roa’s Aviary within the park which is a tropical oasis filled with beautiful birds. It was a real challenge to get these photos especially with a Samsung phone and little zoom. I always say the equipment is not as important as the person behind it. The following birds are represented Sun Conure, White-Crested Turaco, Superb Starling, Palawan Mynah, Indian Ring Neck Parrot, Guira Cuckoo, Black Naped Fruit Dove, Lady Ross’s Turaco, Crested Coua, Red-Crested Turaco, Guinea Turaco, Laughing Kookabura, Kenyan Crested Guinea Fowl, Greater Blue-eared Starling, Hawaiian Goose, Inca Tern, Roseatte Spoonbill, Northern Red-Billed Hornbill, Plush Crested Jay, Bantam Chicken, Blue-Crowned Pigeon, and one unknown brown bird in trees.











Photography and Poetry 2016 Albert Moyer, Jr.

Summer Shade

Delight in the cool

Wonderland of amazing

Trees in a forest.

Today our president and commander-in-chief Barack Obama made a special point to do a national speech scathing Donald Trump. It is clear that Donald Trump wants to improve jobs, the economy, immigration, and a host of things that will benefit all Americans. Let’s take a look at what at a small sampling of Barack Obama’s leadership has done to and for America. There is actually so much more but here is a small sampling. It seems as if it came out of a “How to build a Third World Country Playbook.”

The American debt has increased to a record reaching over 19.2 trillion at this moment.   See our debt here in real-time So what does that mean for all Americans who voted for hope and change? It means we are becoming poorer by the day. Debt breaks people. If you have had debt you know what I am talking about. It breaks governments too and Barack Obama’s policies are driving it.

Welfare has gone up ever since Barack Obama entered the White House. If giving people free money and keeping them in poverty is hope and change then I want no part of it. I want to make my own money and live free as do most Americans. Welfare recipients are at an all time high of close to 46 million and over 100 million receive assistance. His game is to give the poor welfare and keep them dependent to obtain votes for the Democratic party. Understand this people. You are slaves if you support this mentality. Owned by the government. And yes, I am well aware from personal conversations that some of you actually enjoy being slaves. Sad!

Illegal immigration is running the country into the ground for native-born American citizens of all races. We are spending our tax dollars on people who are trying to escape their lands instead of fighting for change as we Americans have for centuries. These people are moving here demanding that we change our laws and our ways to accommodate them when it is their ideas and laws they left in their homelands that cause the problems for their countries. Sadly, these illegal immigrants just do not get it. They are not smart enough to understand. That leaves us native Americans of all colors to make sure we do not harm our own nation by allowing ourselves to be over-run. Illegals receive more benefits than Americans or Veterans

Wage stagnation is a direct result of a larger labor force than available jobs. How does this happen? Bad policies that are allowing jobs to go overseas and illegal immigration. If I have an office building to clean why would I pay a decent wage when I can look outside and see 1,000 people begging for 50 jobs? As long as the ratio of more available employees than available job exists wages will stagnate. We need business friendly law and less immigration. Barack Obama has not been helpful to either. He has been anti-business and welcomed unchecked immigration Wages stagnating and falling

Murder is now increased in every American city because Barack Obama has created a divisive culture that is anti-police along with poverty increases do to poor fiscal policy bills that kill jobs. In essence Barack Obama is a driving force in the creation of high poverty neighborhoods.  U.S. murder rate sores to new highs

The Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 set up by Barack Obama’s wife Michelle is a disaster that feeds kids slop. Disgusting pre-packaged or canned food! I would not feed it to my dog. Ask any school kid and they will tell you how horrible public school lunch and breakfast tastes. Most throw it away. We could have cafeteria workers as we have had in the past cooking excellent food for as little as a $1 to 1.50 per student and introducing kids to a variety of tasty foods of various cultures, but the president and his wife choose otherwise. What looks better to eat at the same cost? See photos.













The Affordable Care Act (ACA) A.K.A. Obama care has driven many into poverty. The president promised healthcare for all and the Republicans warned everybody of the disaster it would case but it was implemented and now many Americans cannot afford healthcare or they are going into poverty to do so. Obamacare creating more poverty

Dodd-Frank- the creation of Dodd-Frank by Barack Obama and the left is killing jobs. When companies can choose to leave America for more favorable regulation it leaves us as American citizens with NO jobs. As Trump has stated we are not making wise business deals. This can refer to regulation too. Is a president that is guilty of killing jobs creating hope and change? Change yes, hope no. Barack Obama government regulations killing jobs More reading about regulations. Red tape killing jobs

So in summary, as Barack Obama scathes Mr. Trump, I would say that Americans no longer need a president that supports killing jobs, driving Americans and the country further into debt, mass immigration that drives down wages, a spending machine that is out of control, poor schools and sloppy food, and increased murder. The American people are ready for you to leave office. 2017 will not come soon enough!

And let’s all pray that Barack Obama’s twin Hillary Clinton is not elected. If that happens America will get poorer and further its slide in world standings. If we elect the same old ideas we will get the same old results. I am tired of the same old ideas and results therefore I am voting for change.


Trump Financial Savvy


Last night a shooting took place at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando were 50 people were killed by Omar Mateen. This is now known as the largest mass shooting in America. We already have the gun rights activists ready for more gun control, those ready to defend Islam, gay people on target, and a pervasive aloofness amongst Americans.

Let’s address gun control right off the bat. The AR-15 assault rifle that is known as “America’s Gun” is a fine weapon and over 3.7 million American households own one. In the last several years it has been used in mass attacks. I have not researched, but I believe it to be less than ten. Let’s divide the number of assumed attacks by the number of AR-15 assault rifle gun owners and multiply times 100. 10/3.7 million*100= .00027% or these gun owners have used their assault weapons in mass attacks. That is less than 1%. You are more likely to be killed in-car wrecks, lightning strikes, or shark attacks. I have never known this weapon to cause mass casualties without a human at the trigger. Therefore, humans are the problem not the AR-15.


As the news reports all over they are trying to determine whether Omar Mateen was inspired by Islam, ISIS, previous terrorists, etc. Let’s call it how it is. The ugly truth. He was inspired by the teachings of Islam. Islam calls on the death of homosexuals. (See video link below illustration) It is a religion that has shown intolerance to all religions other than itself. India and Pakistan are separated because Islam does not tolerate Hindu’s. Israel has to wall itself in because Islam does not tolerate Jews and are faced with death chants daily. Buddhists are now under attack by Islam.

Buddhists under attack by Islam

At one point in history before all Christians were slaughtered they had to rise up in an event known as the crusades. (See illustration)


Orlando Iman calls for death of homosexuals

Islam may be a religion that works within modern society, but it will have to teach tolerance, condemn their extremists, and assimilate to America culture if it is to exist here. They are literally going to have to refocus how they teach the Quran. Is that even possible? These Islamic extremists are known within their communities, but no one is informing law enforcement. At this point it has been shown throughout six centuries of history that Islam’s main goal is forced acceptance or death. It is not the fastest growing religion because people are signing up willfully. This is not made up or an intolerant statement. As U.S. citizens we need to take a hard look at what we are doing. We may be setting ourselves up.  It is based on historical facts. For more daily news and the amount of people killed in the name of Islam see Daily Incidents and other Islamic truths

One thing for certain is the gay community in America today has learned a hard fact about Islam. The religion does not tolerate them. Gay people in the Arab countries often do not live to tell about their homosexuality. Here is a video showing the harsh truths of being gay in an Arabic country.

Gay man dropped from building then stoned to death

I do not like the idea of gay marriage along with many other sins, but God tells us to follow the law of the land. Christianity teaches Christians that homosexuality is wrong along with a host of other things. I have countless contacts with gay people. Never have I once wanted them dead, but I will preach to them. Christians do not make it a point to kill homosexuals because we operate under “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” I hope that homosexuals who believe Christians are haters can clearly see the difference. It is HUGE!

We have embraced HATE instead of Jesus Christ in America. We have painted Christ as the hater when indeed it is those who are against his teachings that are haters and very dangerous people. Every evil regime throughout history targeted Christians. Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Un, Mao Zedong, etc. It was Christians who rose up in the name of God who gave people freedom. Remember that! They are afraid of Jesus Christ and his followers because Jesus gives them power to be free. Free of dictatorship! Galatians 5:1 For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. Today even modern China is afraid of Christ. The Chinese people want the freedom Christ brings and the Chinese government is experiencing the power of Christ and they hate it. Read about what they are doing here.

China tearing down the cross


In summary, guns are not a problem certain humans are, gay people need to understand that Islam teaches death to homosexuals and Christians are not their enemy, Islam is not showing itself to be tolerant, and God in his son Jesus Christ gives us true freedom. May we all draw closer to his teachings so that we may all have the love and peace we are so desperately are searching for in America today.

Let him turn away from evil and do good; let him seek peace and pursue it. 1 Peter 3:11



DSCN7933   DSCN7914






                 Blackberries or Dewberries? Yum!                                         Button Bush. Interesting.


                         Purple Passion Flower                                                  Prairie Coneflower


                    Black Dragonfly. Stealthy.                                                Gulf Fritillary Butterfly


                        Partridge Pea Flower                                                Turk’s Cap or Mexican Apple



The eagle has wings

For it to fly they must work

Together as one

2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry and Illustration


Hard Head- A Haiku

Failure to peruse

Ill-advised, brainless wonder

Imbibe some wisdom.

2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry

DSCN5940 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography 2015

We here so much negative media against the idea of a U.S. Border fence. The media portrayal of Donald Trump as a racist because he wants to protect the American citizens is ludicrous. The liberals just love to throw punch lines in about racism. Let’s analyze this for a moment.

Schools, businesses, apartments, private property, The White House, you name it, have fences, cameras, and security systems to keep out unwanted trespassing people or people without clearance. Hollywood has a host of actors and musicians that are notoriously liberal who advocate for no border fence, yet they are surrounded by security at their McMansions.

So to sum this up quickly, are we advocating the idea that property and institutions are worthy of protection, but not the United States of America? Is there something wrong with people from other countries applying for citizenship and entering the United States properly? If you are anti-fence, do you understand the implications and effects on your future with unchecked illegal immigration especially those with low I.Q.? Are you willing to host the illegal immigrants at your home? Feed, provide clothing, medical insurance, pay into Social Security, pay taxes for them, etc.? Illegal immigration is not free. It comes at a cost. Everyone working legally pays the bill. With less illegal immigration you just might have more money in your pocket.

We all want better lives for ourselves and our fellow-man, but at some point there is not enough to give. You may be able to help one, two, three, or ten people at your own home, but eventually even you will not be able to help people when they overwhelm your resources.

Fences. They are there for a reason.

For those who are anti-fence, I ask that you advocate for no fences at your business, your property, or anywhere within the United States. Otherwise, you are just a hypocrite.