The eagle has wings

For it to fly they must work

Together as one

2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry and Illustration


Hard Head- A Haiku

Failure to peruse

Ill-advised, brainless wonder

Imbibe some wisdom.

2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry

DSCN5940 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography 2015

We here so much negative media against the idea of a U.S. Border fence. The media portrayal of Donald Trump as a racist because he wants to protect the American citizens is ludicrous. The liberals just love to throw punch lines in about racism. Let’s analyze this for a moment.

Schools, businesses, apartments, private property, The White House, you name it, have fences, cameras, and security systems to keep out unwanted trespassing people or people without clearance. Hollywood has a host of actors and musicians that are notoriously liberal who advocate for no border fence, yet they are surrounded by security at their McMansions.

So to sum this up quickly, are we advocating the idea that property and institutions are worthy of protection, but not the United States of America? Is there something wrong with people from other countries applying for citizenship and entering the United States properly? If you are anti-fence, do you understand the implications and effects on your future with unchecked illegal immigration especially those with low I.Q.? Are you willing to host the illegal immigrants at your home? Feed, provide clothing, medical insurance, pay into Social Security, pay taxes for them, etc.? Illegal immigration is not free. It comes at a cost. Everyone working legally pays the bill. With less illegal immigration you just might have more money in your pocket.

We all want better lives for ourselves and our fellow-man, but at some point there is not enough to give. You may be able to help one, two, three, or ten people at your own home, but eventually even you will not be able to help people when they overwhelm your resources.

Fences. They are there for a reason.

For those who are anti-fence, I ask that you advocate for no fences at your business, your property, or anywhere within the United States. Otherwise, you are just a hypocrite.

People ask,”What do you do when you are stressed?” I beat stuff! The drums. Laughs! Turn your speakers and bass up. Enjoy!

The Truth About The Media. There are two sides to every story.

Here is my side that would be selectively edited or never aired on television.

Today I was featured in the news regarding covering a HISD French class and being unqualified. I am a certified teacher with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. I am not highly qualified because I am not certified in this particular subject. In my role, it is not required.


First and foremost most associate teachers are placed in positions on temporary or long-term basis. Education today has a real talent pool issue. We have a shortage of teacher’s across America, and some teachers have to be removed for a variety of reasons, from criminal issues, to not doing their jobs.

My job is to be as qualified as I can in an emergency wherever I am placed. I have had numerous assignments in all subjects. I am extremely reliable with a strong track record of success for over 13 years. In fact, I do believe I have only missed one day of work in seven years. How many teachers of record can claim that? How many private citizens can claim that?

At times, I do better than the actual teacher of record. I have been placed in settings where the kids did not know a thing with a full-time teacher of record, and the students pass tests with me the associate (SUB) teacher. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for a full-time teacher of record to be terminated. Unions protect some of the worst people, and I am qualified to say this as I once worked as a union steward. Often teachers become tenured and think they are owed something special for just hanging around. They think,” I earned this right.” Right to what? Wasting taxpayer money to the tune of $65 or 70 k per year? As Mr. Cius stated in the interview. He is paid for doing nothing. What a waste!

The video that KHOU Channel 11 obtained of me walking into the school was illegally obtained by hiding on HISD property. Yes, you read it right. Trespassing. The reporter Jeremy Rogalski, contacted me via my private home number, and asked if I wanted to interview. I stated that I wished not too. I also followed up with e-mail stating that I was not interested in interviewing. The following day he, along with his camera man, hid beside my vehicle on HISD property, and tried to jump me. Good thing I keep my eyes open.

The photos of me in my classroom were also obtained without consent. I am certain a student took these photos. Now the funny thing is KHOU is being paid advertising dollars. My photos were used while KHOU made money. I have not been compensated. I do believe it is illegal to use a persons photo while making profit without compensation, but who knows, maybe the media is granted special privilege.

The question that was not asked on camera to the student being interviewed was this,” Do you speak French? Let me hear you carry a conversation in French that your teacher of record taught you. Do the majority of your French 2 classmates speak fluent French that you learned from your teacher of record? Did your associate teacher improve the classroom and try to decorate it a little? Does he give daily assignments? Do you all make your best effort in class?” The news media focus on the associate teacher was wrong. The focus should have been on the teacher of record, and why the teacher of record was put out of the classroom.

Another question that should have been asked by the reporter to the teacher of record, “What did you do to be removed from the classroom? They just do not arbitrarily remove teachers.” From my entrance day I can tell you unequivocally that the teacher of record stating on camera,”That the kids are not learning.” did not teach them well either. It was clear to me that many could not speak the language. The reporter should have also asked, “Mr. Cius. Why do you take the taxpayers money for doing nothing at all? Because you just want a paycheck?”

Never have I been removed from a classroom in 13 years. I don’t expect to be either, because I do my job, and I do it well. My children attend HISD schools and are quite successful thus far. I am a graduate of HISD schools. HISD can be as good or bad as your want it. It is up to the individual to make that choice. There are people who have and people who do not have for a reason. Some chose to work and others do not.

The media needs to do a better job of reporting. Here are a few stories where the media got it right. This teacher I had personal dealings with. Interestingly, she did not like me assisting with class when I had knowledge to share.


I replace people like this because suddenly a class is without a teacher do to their poor choices.


Or this


I could go on and on about the need for associate teacher coverage and moral upstanding qualified teachers. It is a tough job for very low pay that many would not rather do, but I love it. I also know most of my students love and appreciate what I do for them. That is the best!

Until then remember there are always two sides to every story. If it came from Moyer, you know it is facts. I do not deal with twists or spins on stories using fiction.

And the fact is I am awesome at what I do.

Fact or fiction? The answer always lies in research.

If you know anymore facts regarding this issue perhaps students who talk to the misplaced teacher of record privately, or why this teacher of record may have been removed, please comment. If you know or can relate to this story, share what you know about schools around America.

Thank you for reading.

Recently, I took time to travel deep southern Louisiana.  A great stop was Palmetto Island State Park in Abbeville, Louisiana. http://www.crt.state.la.us/louisiana-state-parks/parks/palmetto-island-state-park/

This park is a beautiful place with an ecology like none other. The cabin accommodations are really nice and the staff are exceptional.

Here are some photos from the trip. Enjoy!










DSCN7521    DSCN7309

DSCN7503    DSCN7325

DSCN7494    DSCN7448

DSCN7490     DSCN7430

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The Dog- A Free Verse Poem

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I have had so much BBQ in my life that I can hands down say the Pecan Lodge has a perfect balance of smoke, sauce, and tenderness to the meat. The service is excellent even when crowds wrap around the exterior. One unique thing is fried chicken on the platter instead of BBQ chicken. I have never had that at any BBQ establishment, and I must say the fried chicken is superbly crispy, seasoned, and juicy. For more on the Pecan Lodge check out their website http://www.pecanlodge.com/ This is one stop you need to make while in Dallas, Texas.

DSCN6817 DSCN6815 DSCN6814 DSCN6816 DSCN6810 DSCN6818

Deep Ellum is an urban oasis just East of downtown Dallas, Texas. All throughout the area one will find eclectic shops and independent business along with excellent food. While visiting, I took a few photos of the area. Have a look, enjoy, and make your own visit. I promise you will not be disappointed.

DSCN6774 DSCN6787 DSCN6775 DSCN6809 DSCN6789 DSCN6788DSCN6807 DSCN6808DSCN6773DSCN6779

It’s always nice to have a new bird drop by. This is a Canadian visitor. Welcome to Texas Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker!